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Why was Beaver Creek area one of the first settled? I am only referring to what is now Karns. I will cover Ball Camp and Solway later.

On the east side of this valley Copper Ridge rises somewhat abruptly, and beyond the ridge is Beaver Creek Valley [19th District], which is one of the richest in the county, and was one of the earliest settled. It is divided through the middle by the creek whose name it bears. Lying between Beaver and Black Oak Ridge is the section of a valley known as Hine's Valley [9th District], the lower half of which is watered by Hickory Creek, a tributary of the Clinch. The soil of this valley is generally light and thin, but is well adapted to grass, and is capable of improvement. The fertile section bounded by Black Oak and Webb's Ridges is known as Grassy Valley [11th District]. It, unlike the others, does not slope gradually from northeast to southwest, but is crossed transversely by small ridges and depressions. Black Oak Ridge constitutes the water-shed between the waters of the Tennessee and the Clinch. Goodspeed Publishing Co. History of Tennessee, Knox County, pg 928

The pioneers would settle in location with transportation links to potential markets. Emory Road was one of the first established roads and was used by early travelers. The old Indian trail from Campbell Station, established in 1787, going north, passing through the gap into Beaver Ridge, Ball Camp area, then following old Emory Road over Copper Ridge crossing into Anderson County, 4th District, was used by the families that settled in this area.

Early Roads were listed in the land records as Indian path, wagon road and other roads carried the simple names of the destination; road to Campbell Station, Ferry Crossing, road to Clinton. Emory is the only road to be named in early land records. 1823 Emory Road was part of the Knox County road system. Originally 10’ wide, during bad weather it became impassable. • January 27, 1823 Emory to Reed Mill to top of Copper Ridge. Present day Beaver Byington and Henderson Road

• April 1829 Clinch River to Beaver Creek

• April 1831 Emory to top of Copper Ridge crossing into Anderson County

• October 1831 Lowes Ferry Road to Black Oak Ridge Cobb/Solway Ferry following Old Solway Road to present day Hardin Valley Road

Looking at early maps, several small roads or foot paths crisscrossed the landscape. They would often follow the diving lines of the farms. A few wagon roads developed allowing the community to bring their goods to market. Most of the residents would go to Campbell Station. Before rail the only way to ship was by wagon overland or steamboat that would dock at Old Concord. One of our early residents Hugh Clark owned and operated a general store in Campbell Station. His family owned property Harden Valley Rd and Lovell Rd.Two of the Callaway brothers would start a store and boarding house in old Concord where the steamboat's docked.

The first Church in Beaver Ridge Copper Ridge Road April 21, 1815 the Beaver Ridge [Church] free meeting house and grave yard was established. Thomas Reed deeded one acre and 20 poles for the purpose of a free meeting house and graveyard to John Scott and David Hall, deacons of the Beaver Ridge Baptist Church. The following exception being that the Baptist Church will have the preference of meeting the fourth Saturday and Sunday in every month, this being their regular meeting days. All other days to be free for all Christian denominations to hold their meeting according to their form of worship. The graveyard to be free to all persons.

The church building was made of poplar logs cut in the area, and after being hewed to be placed in the building were 35 inches in diameter. The 20 X 40 log structure had one window and one door. It was located next to Beaver Ridge Cemetery on Copper Ridge Road north east of Emory Road. This building also served as the school until 1874.

The first mills both established before 1800 Now know by locals as Trotters Mill, on Beaver Creek. Thomas Reed operated a mill on Beaver Creek. His property was located on the land that would become part of the old Karns elementary school.

Now known by locals as Coward Mill, on Beaver Creek.Jessie Council operated a mill on Beaver Creek. His property was located near the present day one lane bridge on Coward Mill Rd the old dam can be seen from the bridge.

Both of these mills were in operating until the early 1900's

The first Postal Delivery 1835 Beaver Ridge Post Office Established First Post Master was James England. His father, Ezekiel, was a merchant and trader and operated a store in this area. Ezekiel arrived in this area by 1799 from Wilkes County, North Carolina. His wife was Charlotte Council, her brother Jessie owned and operated the mill, present day Coward Mill Road. He owned 920 ac west of Ball Camp.

Mail arrived once a week. Depending on the Post Master you would pick up the mail at his home, mill or store. Ball Camp did not get a post office until 1852.

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Update on the book

Well it has grown again found wills and estates on the Family Search [LDS] site it adds a new element to the first families project. Now I can work from home and add a lot more data. So this has pushed back my publish date.
I told my husband that I am now treating the book as a part time job. Get my coffee start working at 9AM quit for a lunch break and continue to work until 3 PM ......and enjoying all the history

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List of SURNAMES to be published in the First Families Book

Everyone listed below has detailed information ie marriage parents land tax records etc. They are the families that lived in this area 1830-1860 The ladies listed with their maiden name. Please contact me if you recognize a name several of the children moved to Texas Missouri around 1860

Abernathy Nancy Flourney * Abernathy Sophronia * Askew Elinor * Ayers Nancy * Ayres Jesse

Baker Isaac * Bird Mary * Bird/Byrd John * Bird/Byrd Nathaniel * Black II Joseph * Braswell Obedience * Brown Alexander * Brown Jane E. * Buckalew Joannah

Callaway Alseyce * Callaway Cynthia * Callaway Elizabeth * Callaway Fannie F. * Callaway James M * Callaway James Marshall * Callaway James Saunders * Callaway John Farrar * Callaway John R. * Callaway Mary * Callaway Rebecca * Callaway Shadrack * Callaway Shadrack * Callaway Thomas * Callaway Thomas Farrar * Callaway William S * Calloway Charlotte * Calloway Judy L. * Chenoweth Absolom * Chenoweth Richard * Childress Mitchell * Christian Walter * Clark Caroline * Clark Hugh * Clark John C * Clark Margaret E. * Clark William * Clarkson Nancy Ann * Cobb Archibald * Cobb Benjami * Cobb Eleazer * Cobb Margaret * Cobb Milton * Cobb Samuel D * Collier James * Collier Thomas * Coram John S * Council Charlotte * Council Mary * Coward Isaac * Cox Abraham * Cox Fanny * Cox II James * Cox III James * Cox John * Cox Joseph Marby * Cox Polly * Cox Sarah Martha * Cox Thomas B * Cross John

David Annie M * Davis Anna * Detamore Maria Catherine * Dickey Angeline * Dickey David D * Dickey Jane Helen * Dickey John * Dickey Samuel * Dickey Thomas * Dunlap Sarah * Dunn Elizah
Dunn Tabitha * Dunnington Elizabeth

Eaton Jane D. * Edmiston Elizabeth * Elledge Isaac * Ellis Abner - Ellis Elizabeth * Ellis Margaret * Ellis Patricia * England Ezakel James * England Ezekiel * England Malinda E

Fleming Mary Ann * Fogery Rachael Sawyer * Fox Archibald * Fox Austin Albert * Fox Joseph William * Fox Mary Magdalena * Fox Mary Maria * Fox Mitilda * Fox Ruben

Gallaher David * Gallaher Joseph * Gallaher Margaret Ann * Gallaher Mary * Gallaher Sarah * Gallaher Sarah Reed * Gallaher William * Gamble Mary * Garner Hetty * Garner John * Garrison Jacob * Garrison Solomon * Gentry Aaron * Gentry John O. * Gideon Aaron * Good Robert * Good Sarah M * Grayson Hannah * Grey Robert

Hackworth Mary * Hall David * Hall Josepha * Hall Sarah * Hammer Elinda/Ellen * Hardin Amos * Hardin George Gallaher * Hardin Gibson Elmore * Hardin James * Hardin John * Hardin Joseph * Hardin Sarah * Harper Andrew * Harper Jr Robert * Harper Sr Robert * Helms Jane * Hendrix Garrett * Hendrix Mark McDonald * Hendrix Mary * Hendrix Morgan * Hendrix Tarlington * Henry Elizabeth * Henry Rachael * Henry Ruby Catherine * Herron Leonard * Hickey Sarah * Hodges Adam * Hollaway Henry * Hollaway Zachariah * Hope Sarah * Hoskins Sarah

James Rebecca

King Mary * King Nancy

Lawhorn Eunice * Lea Epaphroditus Hightower * Lea Henry Lewis * Lea Mary * Lea Purmit * Leinart Samuel Dunn * Letsinger John * Letsinger Sarah Ann * Love Nancy Ann * Lowe Aquilla * Lowe Martha

Marby Fanny * Marshall Sarah * May Abraham * May Dehla * May George Washington * May James Madison * May John J * May Lucinda * May Mary Magdeline * May Michael * May Thomas
McBath Robert * McCall Elizabeth L.* McClain James * McClure Alexander * McClure Hamilton * McClure Willliam * Moats Susanna * Moffit Judea Ann * Monday[Munday]Tandy * Montgomery Amanda * Montgomery Jane * Morris Caroline * Morris James H * Morris Joel Callaway * Morris Joseph * Morris Violetta * Morris William * Morrow Jane * Munday [Monday]

Nelson Martha * Norman Elizabeth

Ogg Peggy * Osborn Holland

Parker Emily * Parsons Amanda * Porter Emiline * Prince Charlotta * Prince Edward * Prince Joseph * Prince Sarah * Pyatt Benjamin * Pyatt Cassia Louisa * Pyatt Elizabeth Matilda * Pyatt Joseph D

Raby Robert * Raby Susan * Reagan Elizabeth * Reagan James * Reagan Jane * Reagan William * Reed Elizabeth * Reed Jacob * Reynolds Charlotte * Reynolds Nancy * Roberts Sarah E * Robertson Mahala * Rodgers Mary * Rule Henry

Shelton Palatiah * Shinliver Mary * Shinpaugh William * Smith Azor * Smith Barney * Smith Clark Mary Ann * Smith David * Smith Eliza E * Smith Elizabeth * Smith John * Smith Leander J * Smith Mary * Smith Pyatt Eliza * Smith Sarah Elizabeth * Spore Margaret * Steel Nineon * Stephens Rufus M

Tarwater Nancy * Temple Nancy Abiqail * Thompson David * Thompson Eliza * Thompson George Washington * Tillery John * Trotter Amos Ranier

Walker Margaret * Walker Sarah * Watters Rachael * Weaver Elizabeth * White Nancy * White Sarah * White Thomas * Wilkins Benjamin * Wilkins Richard * William Detamore May * Williams Lucinda * Wood Polly

Yarnell Aminda * Yarnell Joseph * Yarnell Rebecca

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Coward Mill History to be presented

I will be giving a talk on the history of Coward's Mill at the Karns Library Tuesday March 29 at 2PM please join us if you can. I just posted an outline on my First Families Web page.

Also just found the Business Directory for Knox Co. 1880 with a listing of business & land owners for this area. Copy on my web. Full directory can be found on Ancestry.com

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Book progress update

Over the holidays I lost my mother. She was 91 and lived a happy life. I have had to put my research on hold for a few months. Traveling to New Mexico to take care of her estate. I will be back 'full time' on my book after my return. My mother was a big supporter of my research. Wishing all of you a successful 2011. Please continue to contact me. Barbara Guinn

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New web page offering maps and surnames per 1840's

Please visit my new web page
I will be adding a lot of maps and early history that will be used in the Book.

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Title Picture Cumberland Gap Fall 2010

My 'poor" version of a panoramic view of Cumberland Gap standing in VA looking at TN and KY enjoy Barbara